Lampyridæ (Lampyridae) band member headshot - Giulia Haible
Giulia Haible
Cello, Piano, Voice
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Lampyridæ (Lampyridae) band member headshot - Stuart Ryerse
Stuart Ryerse
Piano, Recorder, Mandolin, Guitar, Voice
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Lampyridæ (Lampyridae) band member headshot - Caroline Dressler
Caroline Dressler
Fiddle, Voice
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Lampyridæ (also written Lampyridae) is a talented, up-and-coming original works fiddle trio. It was formed in the spring of 2019, when the trio began playing together casually in the practice rooms of New England Consevratory. Fiddler Caroline Dressler and cellist/pianist Giulia Haible had been playing together since they were both in sixth grade, and they decided to team up with multi-instrumentalist Stuart Ryerse after having written several tunes with him that were just too good not to share. They have been featured at Club Passim, Sinclair Cambridge, and The Burren.

The trio’s sound combines elements of traditional Celtic fiddle music, classical training, counterpoint, and odd-metered rhythms to create an experience that is at once scintillating, exciting, and beautiful. Being comprised of multi-instrumentalists, Lampyridæ is uniquely versatile in their instrumentation, and they can often be seen switching instruments seamlessly in the middle of their tunes.

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